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Questions and answers on the topic of automatic irrigation

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Sprayers can not be damaged when cutting the grass?

Sprayers are established below ground level so that there is in any case their damage when mowing grass or when moving the garden – sport etc.

What is the source of water suitable for irrigation system?

As a source of water for the irrigation system can serve water lines, wells (drilled and soccer), rain water from the sump. Each water source contains various impurities and is therefore in each case, you must use a filter to prevent impurities from entering the system.

When using wells as sources for irrigation system is necessary to know the yield and purity. With these data, we assume the information owner. Coverage wells can be determined by pumping tests. For new wells pumping test is usually included and the owner is a company well built, sent the minutes of its coverage.

When installing the irrigation system from the mains is usually at the first visit based on information of the owner. Generally, each row has a different pressure. Individual circuits such spravovací. Pha east, west Pha, Prague districts or satellite towns are unfortunately often quite large differences in pressure and coverage. The exact number of sprinklers on each section to determine exactly when connected to a water source for the spray formulation, which with absolute certainty show how the pressure in the particular case it looks.

How to save money when connecting the system to the water lines?

The preferred solution is to install an auxiliary water meter, there is of course necessary to deal with a company that manages your water lines. So you will avoid paying sewage charges, which amounts to about 50% of water abstracted, and only pay for the water.

How is the winterizing the sprinkler system?

Autumn regular winterizing is necessary for longevity of any irrigation system. The entire system must be drained to prevent freezing of water piping and cracking. Winterizing is done by connecting the air compressor system. The whole system is purged with compressed air and the air very reliably pushes the water out. After this procedure, the system is reliably ready for winter.