Laying of paving

Laying of different kinds of paving:

  • lock paving
  • brick paving
  • stone paving,¬†eg. Porfiry
  • wooden paving, including currently the most desirable material – tropical wood (Massaranduba, ipe, Kapur, Bangkirai)

Help with the selection, we will prepare the quotation including a comparison of different kinds of variants tiles that could be envisaged.

How to choose the appropriate type of pavement?

Offer different types of pavement is wide and should be carefully chosen so that the result meets all the necessary utility and aesthetic demands.

Lock paving

Favorite type of tiles for paving and access driveways, sidewalks, courtyards. Tile thickness is about 4 to 10 cm. In the case of thinner pavements sufficient tiles, for higher load – e.g. with driveways for motor vehicles – is used tiles with a thickness from 8 to 10 cm.

Brick paving

Brick paving is often used on terraces, garden paths, places to sit, the edges of flower beds and on arrival at the garages. Natural colors allow harmoniously with its surroundings.

Stone paving

Stone is a classic natural material, which many people still preferred for its durability, strength and durability. It is used for paving driveways, garden walkways, terraces, around swimming pools and ponds.

Wooden paving

Wooden tiles are an interesting alternative, especially for use on the terraces, around swimming pools or garden ponds. Popularity recently received tropical timber, used for example as a completely maintenance-free tile in pools or outdoor pergola.