About us

NEJGarden founded in 2000. Martin Chaloupka. He graduated from the Secondary School building, after several years of experience in the construction foreman and site manager since 1999, dedicated to entrepreneurship in horticulture, public works and irrigation systems.

It cares not only to the quality work completed within the agreed deadlines, but also on the cooperation took place in a pleasant atmosphere. We would like to convince you that the term “golden Czech hands” is not just a memory of the good old days. When our work is also particularly important to communicate with you, the result of our work corresponded exactly with your dreams of a perfect garden.

Technology is constantly going forward, and even garden systems and procedures are no exception. We like to follow new trends and all this newfound knowledge transfer into your garden so you can enjoy the comfort and relaxation after a hard working day.


We install automatic irrigation systems, planting and maintenance of gardens and all the construction work mainly in the gardens of houses. Because for each speaks his best work, our operations have rather than in rows written You will see in the photographs, which can be found on our website.