Building fences and walls

We build different types of fences, little walls and walls:

  • masonry fences
  • wire fences
  • wooden fences
  • stonewalls, paired and too dry performed
  • Borders of palisade of wooden and concrete

Fencing of ground

Our offer also includes the construction of fencing. In most cases, this is the fence street front and inner fences, shared with neighbors.

The functions of the front fence shielding the land from nearby to ensure maximum privacy, but should act pleasant aesthetic impression. Often it is a brick fences combined with a dead wooden panels of different types, shapes and colors. In some cases, the owners prefer a more massive wall that better sound insulation e.g. by busier communication.

Choosing inner fence mostly depends on the agreement with immediate neighbors, who were also involved in the financing and requires a certain amount of compromise and tolerance. In most cases, winning a wire fence with galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh, which requires little maintenance and can build fairly quickly. It is possible to opt for a wire fence with a wall made of lightweight park curbs or choose classic retaining wall that has a proper foundation and it makes it stronger and more durable. For this type of fence is usually decided by the owners of dogs and other pets. Fence height depends on agreement with the neighbors.

Walls and palisades

When adjusting the gardens are frequently used elements of various types of low or high walls made of stone or brick and palisade (wood, concrete).

We are careful to plants

In the case of the construction of the fence adjacent to the existing mature vegetation we proceed in such a way as to possible damage to the flora restricted to a minimum. Given that we are also gardeners, we are closer to plants than other professions and it depends on us that we do not destroy anything unnecessarily.