Automatic irrigation

Drip irrigation system consists of the following major components:

  • plastic pipe water supply with filter
  • drip pipe surface and underground
  • sprayers to spray with pull-out spray to about 6 m or rotary radius up to 25 m, suitable for larger areas
  • rain and wind sensor
  • timing shaft with solenoid valves
  • programmable control unit
  • drip irrigation in beds
  • elements micro irrigation

How automatic irrigation system work?

An important part of the system is a control unit that allows irrigation program at any time and for any number of daily watering intervals. Operation of the unit is very simple and you will appreciate the great variability of its programming.

The water saving care precisely set and sensor sprayers rainfall. In times of natural rain sensor is put into operation (responds to rainfall and their yield), and irrigation is blocked temporarily. After the end of the rain sensor begins depending on weather and dry system is the right time will automatically be set in motion.

The advantage is the possibility to set up a system for watering lawns and flowerbeds for other, more irrigation, pointing to places that have long been exposed to the sun, and so on.

Irrigation is of course possible to run manually at any time.

And retractable spray heads during idle periods are hidden in the bushes below ground level. You do not have to worry about damage, for example, when cutting grass.

Automatic watering system can be supplemented by a system of rapid joint water bayonet sockets. These outlets are under constant pressure by a very simple operation whenever serve as a complement to the garden where exactly is missing faucet – for example, for connection to a shower at the pool, at the car wash, with a summer kitchen gazebo.