Irrigation systems

Automatic irrigation systems slowly become standard equipment in gardens. They can be installed in newly established, but also full-grown gardens.

The main advantages of automatic irrigation include:

– time savings

– watter savings

– regular and accurate embedding

– easy operation

– rapid return on investment costs


Irrigation system consists of a series of functional elements that allow to design the ideal irrigation system, made “to measure” every garden or other green area.

For effective functioning of the system is necessary professionally prepared project irrigation and proper installation irrigation.

It also provides professional service from spring flooding and control over winter to re-winterization.

Arguments for irrigation systems

  • Installing automatic irrigation systems save time, reduce the consumption of water for watering, but also increase the price of their property.
  • When the lawn area of 250 m2, required daily amounts of water and 3 mm using a garden hose attached to the faucet when you spend watering gardens 30-45 minutes. This way you can spend time under certain circumstances be considered a good relax, but can come as vacation time, a lot of other work and worries, health problems etc. It is at this point you will find that the automatic irrigation system is very useful helper.
  • Given the possibility of programming the system start watering at night or very early morning hours watering more efficient than watering in the evening. Plants have more time to replenish fluids – with plants is very important drinking regime. When watering in the afternoon and during the day the water especially in the summer due to evaporation and plant it so much left. In addition, watering some plants in full sun literally does not do well.

Irrigation systems Hunter

NEJGarden is authorized installers of irrigation systems and the American company Hunter.
Hunter brand in the Czech Republic representing the company K-Rain.