Installing irrigation

Installation of automatic irrigation in the newly established gardens are made at the stage prior to the establishment after planting grass and green, before distributing bark mulch or gravel. Neither the owners of mature gardens need not worry about damaging your garden. Installing perform gentle way and after a short time already not notice that there is an intervention took place.

Installation of irrigation in the newly established gardens

The newly established gardens with lawn before planting dig about 25-30 cm deep groove, and the project is carried out by water distribution plastic trubním divorce PE-LD corresponding diameter and installing sprinklers. The groove backfilled, compacted and put into its original state. Garden is ready for seeding or laying of turf grass carpet.

Installing irrigation in mature gardens

If the automatic irrigation installed in already grown lawn initially manually or mechanically (depending on the size of garden) senses the sward. Herbage was capped and the pad is stored excavated soil to prevent damage to the lawn.

Work by removing the sod after resettlement last for about 1-2 days. During this time must be scanned sward especially in the summer months water several times a day to not dry up.

After installation, the soil back, compacted and sod is established back in place.

When installing a drip irrigation after completion of planting kapkovací lay pipes and can fill up the bed of bark mulch or gravel.

How long will the installation take?

The execution time of the automatic irrigation depends on the size of the garden. We can say that the standard family house with a garden in about 1000 m2 installation usually takes 3-4 days.