Creation of gardens

We will establish an ornamental or vegetable garden according to your wishes. If necessary, we prepare a project.

The advantage is that we offer in addition to planting greenery and installing irrigation systems, building fences, pergolas and laying of paving. This eliminates the worries associated with finding and coordinating the activities of a larger number of suppliers.

Good preparation pays off

At the first visit – preferably directly on your site – tell us your ideas and wishes, we will discuss together the possibilities and conditions for their implementation and possible alternatives. On that basis we prepare a study describing the planned appearance of the garden, which will also include pricing.

Following further consultations, clarification of details such as the exact species of plants, garden walkways surfaces, the exact dimensions of terraces, pergolas etc. according to the situation. Most owners of newly established gardens leaves also install an automatic irrigation system. Automatic irrigation project to supply free garden project.

At the moment when everything will be scheduled according to your wishes, we can proceed to the actual implementation, to give you a new garden could begin as soon as possible make you happy. Despite careful preparation, it may happen that the owner gets during the implementation of a new idea that would like applied. Even in these cases, we try to react flexibly and find the optimal solution, because we know very well that there is nothing better than relaxing in the garden, on which you build yourself your ideas involved.

After the founding of the garden we are happy to take care of its regular maintenance.

Fundamentals beautiful gardens are underground!

In gardens that take pride in newly built homes, often we face situations in which land is very poor soil.

It is actually a logical – in most cases during construction becomes the soil per parcel several excavated included etc. etc., and thus reach the surface of the backsheet. For example, in the vicinity of Prague’s mostly clay. That is why before the foundation of the garden in addition to cleaning all structural disorder in these cases is very desirable to invest in new high-quality topsoil (eg. From a neighbor who was just beginning construction and digging foundations).