Laying the lawn

In a situation where there is no time to set up the lawn traditional way, ie by planting grass seed, you can choose an alternate route that is putting grown grass carpet.

What is the comparison of the two versions?

  • Laying carpet of grass is much faster, turf can be used already 14 days after installation, while the same effect is achieved through the traditional way after about a year.
  • Establishment of turf seeding is cheaper, but on the other hand, much more work – especially at first it is necessary to constantly irrigate the area sown to seeds nazaschla. Also challenging is fighting with weeds that sprout along with grass.

As the installation takes place?

Land at the area where the first modify rototillers.

The next stage is performed usually dispatched to a grass substrate. Grass substrate is sized soil with sand and compost and use it in cases where the land is of lower quality clay type soil, where grass could not be good. This will ensure the relief and greater throughput.

Following uválcování a settlement.

Rolled grass strips, cut to about 2-3 cm of soil, to develop on-site installation, so that each exactly concur. Subsequently uválcuje area and laid turf thoroughly quenched. After about two weeks, is rooted lawn and fused joints between the strips.

How much does it cost?

1 m2 high quality grass carpet can be purchased at the price of about 100 CZK, we recommend the appropriate type according to the anticipated utilization and parameters of space and laying on the ground present a quote. Price for installation depends on the labor intensity and readiness to take over the site. When large areas of opportunity discounts!

How effortlessly keep fresh grass?

No matter how well established lawn is complete without regular watering. Here, the place will reliably ensure automatic irrigation system.