Watering can leave just as a decoration

Meet with irrigation of the garden, which will save you time...

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Best rest is at your own garden

Let you do completely the garden from us, and you just relax...

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After agreement we will come to you, we make you a proposal and price quotation...

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NEJGarden take care of your garden that is THE BEST


Our company offers comprehensive services for the care of the garden:

 installation of automatic irrigation systems

 creation new gardens or reconstruction of mature gardens

 ongoing maintenance of gardens

– lawn care, especially frequently requested aeration

– construction work – construction of fences, walls, pergolas, paving, etc.

Do what you enjoy – and leave the rest to us!

  • Perhaps like many people in today’s hectic times, struggling with a lack of time, suffer from stress, and at home because you have to relax.
  • While you may occasionally enjoying a flower bed planted some new flowers, but do not have enough time or energy intensive intervention and maintenance.
  • Maybe it already getting to take care during the warm months of regular watering and spoil your holiday fears, whether your garden can do after arriving home again “resurrect”. Would not it be more profitable to buy an automatic irrigation system?
  • Maybe you enjoy gardening and like his free time to spend, but some of the work for you too physically demanding, or they do not have adequate facilities.
  • Maybe you just finished building or reconstructed house and would like to change as quickly as possible in the garden surrounding the site, which will be a joy to see.
  • Perhaps you have recently been a little neglected garden that would need general treatment.
  • Perhaps your garden is already perfect, but you need a new fence, wall, outdoor tiles, or would like to spend hot summer days in the shade under the new pergola.

Then we can just help save your worries and enjoy the garden for the most pleasant purpose – namely, to enjoy a restful and undisturbed relaxation.

We look forward to working with you and beautifying your gardens.